Market demand

Demand for bioplastics both degradable and compostable has been steadily rising, quadrupled itself since the turn of the century.

Based on European bioplastic study, world capacity of bioplastics will reach the level of 5.0 million MT in the coming years, a significant increase of 4-5 times the amount recorded in the year 2011.

Delivering products with environmental benefits now represents long-term market opportunities.

It is not a surprise that many reputable firms are coming up with broad market offer to meet the demand for products with enhanced environmental profile. This new rapidly growing demand is coming from the consumers.

What is harmless to the environment is harmless to its inhabitants. More and more consumers are becoming knowledgeable about the property of the products they are using and demanding that the products they buy do not harm the environment. Everybody has the same amount of access to the information super highway nowaday. Consumers are seeking out how the products are made, what they are made from, how they are made, how they are packaged and how far they are transported.

This new consumer’s mindset is not a challenge. It is an opportunity. It is a very clear buying decision from the consumers. The world demands sustainability-inspired innovations.

PTTMCC is a petrochemical product manufacturer. We are responsible to provide opportunities for consumers to make choice that reflect their values and changing needs.