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Paper cups are among the most commonly misunderstood products when it comes to their compostability. Conventionally, a paper cup is laminated with plastics to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper, which can collapse the cup. The thin plastics layer defers the biodegradation process of the paper, and can even make it almost impossible to biodegrade if both sides of the cup are coated. It is found that plastics-coated paper cups can remain in exact same condition after 20 years in landfill.

BioPBS coated paper cup, on the other hand, is compostable. By simply lining paper cups with BioPBS, instead of other types of plastics, will enable them to be compostable without requiring any additional treatment. The BioPBS paper cups can still be filled with hot and cold beverages. Consumers can safely enjoy their favorite drinks until the last drop, and dispose of the cups the conventionally. Nature will then take care of the rest.

The use of compostable plastics makes the mixed waste suitable for organic recycling (composting), enabling the shift from recovery to recycling (a treatment option which ranks higher on the European waste hierarchy). This way, biowaste is diverted from other recycling streams or from landfill and facilitating separate collection – resulting in the creation of more valuable compost.

In order to be suitable for organic recycling, products and materials need to meet the strict criteria of the European norm EN 13432 on industrial compostability. Following successful certification, these products and materials are permitted to be advertised and labelled as ‘compostable’. The Seedling label is a well-known mark for products conforming to EN 13432.

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BioPBS™ for paper coating grades (FZ79AC) are certified by EN13432 on industrial compostability, consequently, packaging with BioPBS lining on is also considered as organic recycling which can dispose along with organic waste and turn into valuable compost at the end.



Grade: FZ79AC


  • Process is stable and low neck-in
  • Can run as fast as LDPE in existing LDPE machine
  • Easy penetration into pore and around fiber yielding excellent adhesion to cup stock paper
  • Low heat seal temperature and excellent heat seal strength at lower coating thickness compared to typical bioplastic
  • Excellent printability without pre-treatment
  • Listed in U.S.FCN No. 1574, JHOSPA and comply with EU10/2011
  • Resistance to elution of vinegar, cooking oil, olive oil, etc.
  • Resistance to percolation of cooking oil, worcester sauce, ketchup, etc.

We bring out the best properties of green technology through the most fundamental elements of the product.



  • Compostable at room temperature can significantly reduce a landfill space.
  • Slash waste management cost as it needs no special composting facilities.
  • As high as 96% of BioPBS coated paper is repulpable, certified by the well-know institute, Western Michigan University and certified with 1 side and 2 side coated recyclable through PTS (Papierteschniche Stiftung). It greatly impacts on lowering deforestation rate and consequently saves wild animal lives as well as supports the livelihoods of local communities.
  • No need to change consumer behavior. They just simply throw them out in regular trash cans and let waste management system work on their own!


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FZ79AC Data sheet