Café Amazon – Biocup

The first coffee chain in Thailand to serve the nation with delicious coffee in naturally compostable paper cup.

With more than a thousand branches found across every province in the country, accompanying urban areas and PTT gas stations, our very own Café Amazon was the first driving force to take initiative in utilizing environmentally safe coffee cups.

Conventional coffee cups littering coffee houses are made of paper coated with conventional plastic. This material is non-compostable to the environment. Once processed into landfill as waste, the material is non-compostable naturally due to the LDPE film coating inside the cup.

With the aid of BioBPS’s integration, Café Amazon’s bioplastic made paper cups are now compost naturally without extra processing in landfill within 180 days at room temperature.

Replacing over million conventional plastic cups per year with BioPBS compostable cups, Café Amazon got rid of the many tons of waste it usually generate against the environment.

Every cup of Café Amazon’s freshly brewed coffee now gives its customer the joy of knowing that every sip they take is giving the world a better future.


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