Fast Lane to the Green Market

Plastics has become an essential part of human life today.

BioPBS, on the other hand, is produced from natural material and compost naturally without any extra process. Unlike conventional petroleum based plastic, BioPBS returns your product through nature and give the world a sustainable future.

PTTMCC wants to make your transition to save environment as quick as possible. We are the manufacturing industry’s bio driver on a fast track. It is our job to take you to the forefront of this emerging market. As the key player in the bioplastics industry, we are not simply the global supplier of bioplastic, but we also the driver of its demand.

Integrate your product with our material is like buying a fast lane ticket to a sustainable industry.

By developing and manufacturing genuinely biopolymer with number of applications, we are enabling other industries on every business front to produce sustainability-inspired products. This stimulates consumers’ awareness of green product’s availability and thus increasing the demand for green choices.

Our tireless team is constantly developing portfolio to accompany all existing and new cutting edge manufacturing application, always bringing about new improvement for greener living.

We do not just make the innovations. We help you grow the market for it.