Audencia Triathlon

The Audencia Triathlon that was held from 16-17 September 2017 in La Baule (France) has finished. There were over 6,500 participants joined in this world of amateur sports event. 

PTTMCC Biochem Company Limited and Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers  (MCPP) have supported 30,000 BioPBS coated paper cups. The papercups are 100% biodegradable in few weeks or months when composted or landfilled even at ambient temperature. Theses paper cups were used as substitute of plastic cups (Polypropylene or Polystyrene) and prefered to conventional polyethylene coated paper cups., that contains about 10-15% of non compostable polyethylene coating for achieving papercup good sealability.


Environmental Benefit of BioPBS coated paper cups

For most of people, a paper cup is perceived as harmless to the environment since the paper itself deteriorates fairly quickly in soil and weathering conditions. However, in reality, to be waterproof the paper cups must be coated. Conventionally this film is polyethylene (PE), which is not compostable, and harmful to the environment as it can take up to 400years to be fully biodegradated.. For this reason, polyethylene (PE) will be replaced with more environmental friendly materials, such as BIOPBS™.


More case studies

  • Cafe Amazon                                                                             

    The first coffee chain in Thailand to serve the nation with delicious coffee in naturally compostable paper cup.