Major Cineplex

Café Amazon has been in the coffee business for 11 years since 2002.

Today the Amazon coffee chain has the most branches in Thailand and its coffee shops are to be found in every province linked to PTT gas stations of which there are 780 branches.

As part of their campaign to encourage environmental responsibility in Thailand and in line with PTT group’s vision as a TAGNOG: Technology Advance Green National Oil Company, on 15thMarch 2013, Café Amazon became the first coffee chain in Thailand to serve, nationwide, hot beverages in a compostable paper cup.

Paper cups used at coffee shops are usually made from paper coated with conventional plastic. Once dumped in a landfill the paper will not compost because of the LDPE film coating inside the cup which cannot be compostable naturally. Café Amazon compostable paper cup is made from bioplastic or BioPBS coated paper. Once dumped in a landfill, it will gradually turn to compost within 180 days at room temperature without any hazardous residue.

The Café Amazon chain uses 60 million plastic cups per year and by replacing the traditional cup made from conventional plastic with a compostable cup, Cafe Amazon is helping Thai society to reduce the current total of 200 tons of waste from plastic cups.

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